Dancing queens! (and Kings!)

Junior infants had their first Irish dancing lesson today! Miah was so impressed at how good we were!!







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Judy Curtin Visits

Today 3rd and 4th classes gathered in the hall to meet famous author Judy Curtin. Judy told us about her love of books as a child and her dream of becoming an author. It took a lot of hard work and dedication before she got her first book published. Now many of her books are to be found in book shops all over the world. Some of our favourites are the Alice and Megan books, the Eva series and the Friends Forever books.




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Project of the Week

The ‘Project of the Week’ in Ms. Sexton’s class was done by Shahidah today. She chose ‘Martin Luther King’ as her topic. It was extremely interesting and Shahidah knew lots of facts and information about him that none of us had heard before. She was inspired to do her project on Martin Luther King by her sister and because she adores History and loves finding new facts and information. Well done Shahidah!




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Step It Out Girls!

Rang V took advantage of the lovely autumnal weather today and set off on our sponsored walk. Our route took us towards Tesco, then up the South Douglas Road, along the Cross Douglas Road and back towards the school again. We kept up a good pace and had both a healthy glow and healthy appetite on our return! Given that today was National Tree Day, it seemed appropriate to take time to observe the trees en route. We spotted an oak tree, a horse chestnut tree, a beech tree and a holly tree. The walk was good fun. We’ll sleep soundly tonight!


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What a wonderful week!

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Niamh’s class were busy bees this week in school. On Monday we saw the beautiful Autumn art we had created the previous week. Our lollipop scarecrows and handprint Autumn trees were displayed on our art board as well as our leaf prints. On Tuesday we planted tulips and daffodils, we made sure to give our plants lots of water with our spray can. To ensure the birds do not eat our lovely bulbs we created our own scarecrows! Teacher was so proud of her great gardeners. We also created some wonderful Halloween art using white paint on our hands and feet. On Wednesday we finished our spooky hands and frightening feet with googly eyes! They are terrifyingly terrific!! On Thursday we went on our sponsored walk with junior infants. We saw lots of Autumn leaves falling. Ms Anthony’s class invited us to make some clay hedgehogs. We rolled, pinched and squashed the clay to make handsome hedgehogs called Harry. Before going home we made sure to recap on all our new numbers by giving the teddy bear some delicious cupcakes. What a wonderful week!!



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Sponsored Walk

We were very lucky with the weather today for our sponsored walk! Junior Infants had a lovely time walking all around our beautiful school grounds. After the walk, we made clay hedgehogs. What a great day!

















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Sponsored Walk

WP_20141009_006WP_20141009_004WP_20141009_003WP_20141009_002WP_20141009_001WP_20141009_007WP_20141009_005First class really enjoyed our walk this morning. It was lovely walking in the sunshine and we saw lots of trees and leaves. We were really tired and hungry when we got back to school!

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